Burial Insurance In A Wheelchair

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In the United States, 2.7 million people use a wheelchair. It is very common to wonder how this will affect your ability to get burial insurance.

Ultimately the type of coverage you qualify for will depend on whether your mobility assistance is permanent or temporary.

Can Someone Get Funeral Insurance In A Wheelchair?

If you are permanently confined to a wheelchair or scooter due to chronic illness, there will be a waiting period before full coverage is available. If your use of mobility assistance is temporary, you will be able to gain coverage from a top funeral insurance company with no waiting period.

Final Expense Policy Basics

Final life expense insurance is a type of whole life coverage.  This policy type is permanent and comes with three key benefits.

Coverage Lock: The coverage will never expire or decrease in value. This means once you take out a policy, you can be assured your family will receive a distribution once you pass away.

Price Lock: Your premiums will never change. This is pivotal for seniors who want to make sure they can afford their policy well into the future.

Builds Cash Value: A portion will go towards the cash value with each payment made. The policyholder can borrow from this amount if they choose.

Plans are Simplified Issue

Along with the whole life features, this plan is also simplified issue that has two fundamental benefits.

No Medical Exams: As a simplified issue policy, you will never be asked to get a medical exam to qualify. The underwriting is very lenient compared to larger, more traditional types of coverage.

Affordable Coverage: With this policy type, coverage ranges from $2,000 – $40,000, meaning you receive all the permanent whole life benefits without the higher costs.

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Underwriting For Burial Insurance In A Wheelchair

The reason for your immobility is of great importance to the insurance providers. Because there are so many medical conditions that can cause someone to be wheelchair-bound, having mobility criteria for burial insurance brings in a broad scope of additional diagnoses. Some companies will ask specifically about these conditions, and others may not.

This list could include:

Questions Insurance Companies Ask About Wheelchair Use

Every company has predetermined qualifications for each plan offered. To qualify for a plan, you must answer favorably to a series of “YES” or “NO” health questions.

Regarding mobility and wheelchair use, you will likely see a question asked in the following way.

“Are you currently requiring either of the following (other than for fractures, bone, or joint surgery, including replacement) a wheelchair or electric scooter?”

Sometimes the questions will exclude temporary use, and sometimes it will not specify. If your usage is expected to be temporary, you will want to make sure that you find a suitable carrier that allows for this exclusion.

They may not ask at all.

Guaranteed Issue policies are the only option that does not ask about wheelchairs because they ask no health questions. However, there is an unavoidable waiting period of at least two years with policies that offer guaranteed acceptance. These plans can be found at very reasonable premiums.

What is the Cost of Final Expense Insurance in a Wheelchair?

Below are quote estimates for someone who uses a wheelchair due to a chronic condition. The ranges below are from highly competitive providers for a $10,000 policy. To get a personalized price, fill out the quote machine on this page.

Final Expense Insurance Quotes

$10,000 of Coverage

Monthly Premium

50$34 – $39$44 – $56 
55$44 – $47$58 – $61 
60$51 – $54$64 – $68 
65$63 – $66$85 – $91 
70$76 – $80$99 – $106 
75$108 – $116$139 – $150 
80$176 – $190$206 – $247 

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance Company If You’re In A Wheelchair

There are seemingly endless things to consider when getting life insurance. However, once you have determined burial life insurance is the best option for you, there are only three things to consider.

Company’s Financial Strength: Only apply with a final expense insurance provider with an excellent financial rating. Independent organizations rate insurance companies to assess their future viability. Work only with a company that will be around well into the future and thus will be able to pay out your claim when filed.

Premiums: How much are your burial insurance premiums? Several companies have very competitive prices. Make sure you are not overpaying for the same burial insurance coverage that could be cheaper from another provider.

Start of Coverage: If you can qualify for immediate coverage, this is best. However, if you use a wheelchair, this is not possible. Make sure that you never wait more than two years for full coverage. Some guaranteed acceptance plans have a 3-year waiting period, but you should not move forward with these options.

Company Recommendations for Wheelchair Use

The recommendations below are specifically for those who use a wheelchair. Since many medical concerns can lead to immobility, it is essential that you also look into your contributing condition, as it also can affect coverage just as much as being in a wheelchair or electric scooter.

Temporary Wheelchair or Scooter Use: If you are in a wheelchair due to an accident or recent surgery but expect it to be a temporary situation, the Level plan from Mutual of Omaha could be a great option.

Permanent Wheelchair Use: Guaranteed Issue policies ask no medical questions and accept all that apply. These plans come with at least a 2-year waiting period.

How to Buy Life Insurance in a Wheelchair

There are two main ways people in a wheelchair purchase life insurance. Both are good options, but each type of agency’s access is very different.

Captive Agency: A captive agency is contractually obligated to sell plans from only one insurance provider. These agencies usually have a high level of brand awareness or send direct mail to your home.

Independent Agency: An independent agency can have contracts with several companies allowing them to have an extended portfolio and many options. Having more choices allows independent agencies to provide a broader range of coverage to their clients.

When it comes to gaining final expense insurance coverage, each carrier is specific in what it will or will not accept with preexisting conditions. Having access to a wide variety of policy options opens the door to more tailored plans.

Life Insurance In A Wheelchair: Final Thoughts

a. Finding funeral insurance in a wheelchair is possible at an affordable rate. The key is to work with the right insurance provider.

b. If you are currently unable to walk and maneuver on your own due to illness, the best type of policy to get is guaranteed acceptance. If wheelchair use is temporary, there are more options available.

c. Working with an independent agent will be invaluable in finding the best policy to meet your unique health history needs, saving you both time and money.