Burial Insurance With Crohn’s Disease

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Having Crohn’s Disease makes you second guess many moves you make in your day-to-day life. Many factors play into your decisions due to this often uncomfortable diagnosis.

With an estimated 3.1 million Americans having some diagnosed form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn’s Disease (CD) accounts for 780,000.

Can I Get Burial Insurance With Crohn’s Disease?

Fortunately, one thing that you will not have to worry about is your ability to qualify for burial insurance with Crohn’s Disease. You will be eligible for coverage with CD and other IBD diagnoses. Most of the best final expense insurance carriers do not ask about this condition on the application, meaning you will secure the same rates as someone without this diagnosis.

Later in this article, we will recommend the premier companies to get a policy from. First, let’s cover what these plans offer and how the qualifying process happens. This will give you an idea of what to expect when obtaining coverage.

Policy Basics

Final expense burial insurance was designed to cover funeral costs that often surprise families in a financially unexpected way.

By planning ahead and with a low monthly premium, people can secure coverage for these inevitable costs and ensure that their family is not financially burdened due to their passing.

Burial Insurance is Simplified Issue Whole Life Coverage

Simplified Issue: Obtaining a policy is straightforward. Applicants will never be asked to get a medical exam to qualify, and the process can be done entirely over the phone in about 20 minutes.

Whole Life: These policies never expire, never adjust in price, and never change the amount of coverage the beneficiary will receive. Meaning whole life policies will last for the insured’s entire life.

You will need to qualify to get a policy with no waiting period. However, this is not an issue for those with Crohn’s because most providers do not ask about the diagnosis.

Final Expense Insurance Benefits:

  • No Expiration
  • Coverage Lock
  • Price Lock
  • Builds Cash Value
  • No Medical Exam
  • No Waiting Period Options

crohn's disease symptoms listed on chalkboard

Underwriting Final Expense Insurance With Crohn’s

Underwriting is essentially the decision-making process. First, you need to understand that each insurance company sets its guidelines for qualifying.

The underwriting process is done by asking a series of health questions on the application. By answering favorably to these questions, you will be accepted for coverage. If you do not respond favorably, you could either be placed into a more restricted plan or denied coverage altogether.

The majority of funeral insurance applications do not ask about Crohn’s Disease.

Related conditions are listed below; however, only liver disease will negatively affect your ability to qualify for final expense insurance.

How Much Does Final Expense Insurance with Crohn’s Disease Cost?

The chart below shows pricing for people with Crohn’s who do not use any type of tobacco product. If you are a smoker or use other forms of tobacco, use the quote calculator on this page to see the monthly rates you can expect to pay.

Final Expense Insurance Quotes with Crohn’s Disease

$10,000 of Coverage

Non-Tobacco Monthly Premiums


Best Life Insurance Companies With Crohn’s

It is essential to understand that the companies below are listed for those with Crohn’s Disease only. If you are suffering from additional medical complications, recently hospitalized, or had surgery, please let your agent know, as it could affect your coverage options.

There are three main things to look into before applying for funeral insurance.

Company’s Financial Stability: Work with insurance providers with a solid financial rating. Third-party organizations assess these ratings. A good rating means the company is financially stable and can pay life insurance claims well into the future.

Coverage: Get coverage that begins immediately. While this is not available for every medical condition, it is available to people with Crohn’s Disease.

Cost: Once the above criteria have been met, it is usually best to go with the lowest-priced plan, although exceptions exist.

Best Burial Insurance Companies for Crohn’s

Mutual of Omaha: This well-known and highly respected company will provide coverage with no waiting period and the lowest price.

Foresters Financial: There are no health restrictions for those with any form of IBD. In turn, the Preferred plan will be available to those who can otherwise qualify. This company is a Fraternal Benefits Organization, meaning they operate as a non-profit. This allows them to give back to the community and provide premium savings to the consumer.

Aetna/CVS Health: This health and life insurance provider offers excellent plans and does not ask about Crohn’s Disease on funeral insurance applications. Meaning people with this diagnosis can get immediate coverage through their best plan.

How to Buy

There are two main ways to purchase life insurance in today’s market.

Directly From Company: When purchasing from an insurance carrier, you will likely be buying from their website or one of their agent representatives. While this might seem like the cheapest and most streamlined process, usually, this is not your best choice.

This is because frequently, these insurance companies contract out their top plans to agencies who then sell products on their behalf.

Insurance Agency: An agency can represent multiple insurance companies and plans, thus having more coverage options for the consumer, leading to lower prices. This allows the agent to find you the most optimized coverage by comparing prices and underwriting.

Working with an insurance agency will save you time and money.

Final Thoughts On Burial Insurance With Crohn’s Disease

a. Getting funeral insurance with Crohn’s Disease is simple because most carriers will accept this diagnosis with no waiting period.

b. To get a policy, work with an insurance agency specializing in this coverage.

c. Once you find the right insurance agency, apply with the lowest-cost carrier that will accept Crohn’s.